PC200 Excavator

Based on many request, we are now making our own 1/14 scale RC Excavator!! 
Smaller scale meaning smaller footprint and miniature gadgets..and slightly lower weight and hyd power compared to its sister PC650 of 1/10 scale.. 

This 1/14 scale PC200 will fit all std 1/14 TAMIYA Trucks and trailers.

Assembling the PC200 Excavator...

Comparing to PC200 to's older sister is from PC650;
Excavator Series/model is much smaller (650 vs 200)..so the size is so different
And it's 1/14 scale vs 1/10 scale.... so more smaller...

Why smaller????
This is to match to TAMIYA Trucks and Trailer teammates, at 1/14 scale all of them..

 Above are some videos for first few function test of my PC200 1/14 scale excavator..
Still new more days to touch up the movement, and the sound from
motor is pretty loud, need to do something about it..

We are now ready to show-off our newly build 1/14 Excavator..
Pls come and join us during this 2 days event at Putrajaya Redbull Airfield..
15-16th Mar 2014, Malaysia RC Event 2014!



  1. terbaik tuan.. boleh emailkan detail harga x?? berminat sgt dengan benda ni.. email ke hanep_89@yahoo.com

  2. What is the price for this model. may email to me segar_muniandy@yahoo.com

  3. How much with shipping to US. Email bemeisburg@gmail.com

  4. can u give me the price all model, excavator end truck.