Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dump truck CRAWLS

Above pic is taken while testing the motors, this is electric version where the dump truck is power by 6 X 6
high tork motors for wheels, plus 2 motors for lifting and steering...this beast is constructed much earlier than
the excavator as a starting point to venture in this new extreme hobby world..
it's a cheaper or alternative version of std hydraullic system that fit on actual model.
We have plan to convert them later to hydraullic version
when we complete the excavators...as to make it per the real one out there...
pls note the ability to move over large obstacle just like a massive crawler..no sweat!,
it can climb over pretty much anything...the LRP TRUCK PULLER ECS is very good indeed..
cant wait to see it in action...plan to snap video later this weekend...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Undercarriage and lift test

See EXCAVATOR page for more details update and VIDEO links..
......and my dump truck is patiently waiting for the EXCAVATOR to be out of workshop.... :-)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New hydraulic system tested

After numerous attemp to find the best hyd powerplant for my excavator, finally we choosed the latest ones that we received this week. The one that WEDICO sells seems too small and insufficient pressure and reliability. See below pic, added pic in the EXCAVATOR PAGE too.

This one seems very solid, a ready made item on shelf, commonly used in industrial equipment...high power and of course, dangerous too. With all safety precautions in place, we did a quick test today, it was amazing, combination with SMC cylinders at very low 10bar, is enough to lift our entire boom arm ! More test will take place this week to ensure no issue. Video will come later..

Friday, 6 January 2012


I'm just an ordinary person, whom fall in love with real big machines....Started to join this RC hobby by getting myself a small heli...then upgraded to TREX 450, then moved to even bigger one, TREX600..At same time, also flying few small aircraft, WWII ENDECKER classic. Thought that's not fast enough...then i bought F16-Falcon EDF jet..But too scare to fly it...just keep it as a display set..I love the real ones, so i had a nice AGUSTA bodyscale for TREX600..you can see pictures for each items in THE PAGE links above

While waiting to set up a marriage between TREX600N and AGUSTA bodyscale,...suddenly i find my old dream is about to come true...All the while, been browsing foreign websites a lots..lots of times, on how to construct one..then, I met with a guy, YS, whom is a fan of construction equipment RC too..We both loves EXCAVATOR...and what a surprise...he owns a few REAL EXCAVATORs..!! He owns a company which doing construction works, and he's one of the best EXCAVATOR operator in KL...then we formed a team, to realize our dream into reality...We also had support from a local CAD engineer, Derrick, whom help us input into computers and making models and calculations.....and this hobby things is becoming our part time 'job'..

So, myself, YS and Derrick is now making models for RC EXCAVATOR in 2011, and aim for 1:8 scale WHEEL LOADER in this year. Will post each details in the PAGE screen in this BLOG. You may contact me for more info and sharing experiences, etc..