Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dump truck CRAWLS

Above pic is taken while testing the motors, this is electric version where the dump truck is power by 6 X 6
high tork motors for wheels, plus 2 motors for lifting and steering...this beast is constructed much earlier than
the excavator as a starting point to venture in this new extreme hobby world..
it's a cheaper or alternative version of std hydraullic system that fit on actual model.
We have plan to convert them later to hydraullic version
when we complete the excavators...as to make it per the real one out there...
pls note the ability to move over large obstacle just like a massive crawler..no sweat!,
it can climb over pretty much anything...the LRP TRUCK PULLER ECS is very good indeed..
cant wait to see it in action...plan to snap video later this weekend...

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