Sunday, 16 June 2013

RC Team in action at Malaysia International Bus, Truck and Component Expo, MIBTC 2013

 Main !
 Bird View of our amazing built RC Circuit, thanks for the DESIGNER Eiho and
IRON-MAN Derrick for the....job well done!!..
RC Circuit - under construction picture.
Group Photo: Malaysian RC Truckers 
From left: Helmi, Anas, Moktar, Fendi, Eiho, FS, Zaidi, Azizul, Fadzley

 One of the main events, Reverse Parking Competitions
Above picture is the contestant from Singapore (Samuel) 
 The BIGGIE and the SMALLY...
 Zoom In...
 MANNNN.....My favorite truck....!!
 RCEX#1 and RCEX#2 not left behind..
 ...and its BIG nephew, a VOLVO Articulate Truck (6X6)
 Pic when all of them meet up...mess all over places here...sorry RC Truck Team..
we obviously dirty your track so time, we'll behave ourselves.. :)
and here are the new kids to our Construction Equipment family..
the SCANIA 8X8 Tipper Truck..
with full hydraullic bucket lift..and all axles drive..
Posing in front of cameras....
 A short test drive.....
 Busy Parking Bay...
 Favorite Truck!
The mastermind..(Mr Fadzley)
 Test drive before the event starts....(Mr Helmi)
 Here we go....
 Convoy of local RC Truckers....
 Enjoying the same hobby and passion...
 Solo performer..perfect!!....modified R470 the new Low Cab SCANIA...
The Singaporean line up before the show...
Among the medals for the winners!
Top three contestants will bring home great hampers and cash rewards. 
 Some candid photo with RC Truckers from Malaysia and Singapore.
VOLVO Articulate truck in action...
It was a tiring weekend, but rather thrilling and truly very enjoyable and memorable 3 days event at MIBTC RC Truck Show at MINES International Exhibition Centre.
PS: Great job by the organizer (Asian Trucker)

Another shot from top view of our VOLVO Articulate Truck, looking directly into 
driveway of amazingly built RC Bridge.
PS: pls excuse my poor steering control, using 1st gen servo with hard-stop functions. 

See doc if you feel dizzy after this commercial... :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013