Sunday, 30 December 2012

PC650 undercarriage gear problem solved

 original straight bevel gears known to be not good,
 and now we found the solution to it..
 Changing to bigger and better hypoid/spiral bevel gears...
 upgraded undercarriage jumbo gearing, look alike a grinder, no problem to smash anything on its path..still using same high tork geared motor, super power
climbing 30degree angle with no issues, see below:
 electronic bay and batteries compartment.
main battery and hyd oil reservoir tank
loading VOLVO ARTICULATE Dump Truck
My sick-baby...track system waiting to be upgraded..
also upgrading the radio system, changing to 9Ch TURNIGY TX/RX system...
smaller, more hi-tech and complex.. fuh..too many switches now..
 Zoom in to TURNIGY RX..using glider mode, coz EXCAV mode is not available at this moment..sigh!
 all the stick functions work exactly as per real EXCAVATOR, so if you know how to drive one, this one just a piece of cake.. the track function is mod to use the 5th and 6th Ch... extra Ch for Hyd pump/motor, and left 2 more Ch for extra things in future..

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

KAC960 Dump Truck progress

These are final CAD drawing, before real machining/welding/aseembly work can begin...

The lift hyd cylinder shud be  mounted vertically the main casis, but i have
some small problem, i need to make space for two gigantic batteries as seen above..
so i tried to move the cylinder further to the back. In practical it should work,
but of course i'll loose some lift power because of odd lifting angle. See below for the actual ones
I'll try to mod further during the assembly... 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mud vs EXCAV

It was heavy rain at night, and the big hole that i dug the other day
is now full of storm water....
and now I wanna test my EXCAV in the wet condition..
it was still raining when this video was captured..

 Below is my fren's EXCAV, the real one of course,
working on house foundation/structures
 Inside view of his ZAXIS-120

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Excav in the mud..

 Digging mud...and rocks..almost every day..
(while waiting for the Dump Truck to be ready)
Beat up pretty bad...left under hot sun and rain for weeks....
But still looking!

Articulate Truck in action

Carrying LPG tank (14kg), no sweat..!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

KAC960E Dump Truck - Progress pic

Now adding the workhorse/'s a full hyd function, rotor motor
for the main drive and lift bucket...
As seen in the CAD computer, yet to start fabrication, as to confirm
real size and dimensions of the internal gadgets...(pumps, rotors, tanks, valves)

After hours on training to operate my EXCAV

Blame the Olympic.....dont quite have time to capture a video, here some shoot..
my cheap transmitter radio have no function to fine-tune the fancy functions
modify servo curves and mixtures...yet to upgrade..wanna enjoy first hand 
playing the small version of EXCAVATOR..

Friday, 15 June 2012

KAC960E blueprint...

Spent weeks to finalize some critical parts, differential gear design, axles and so on....scale ratio will be 1:20, as to match to my 1:10 PC650 EXCAVATOR, hyd bucket lift, high tork motor, suspensions

when all meet in the computer, below is the first images....cant wait for it to get started...

Front axle

 Rear axle

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Practise...and more practise...

Sorry geng...quiet does not mean nothing is progressing here, I'm still trying to master the skill to run this monster...since I'm not a real excavator driver like my fren Mr practice should makes perfect...or at least near perfect....yet to have video taken, too shy to show is some pic..
 weight about 40kg..(or more), it is heavy and big!...gotta use trolley to move her around my house
 my lovely daughter and her...... :-)
some extra modification, still sourcing for correct transformer for max run time with the monster, no need to re-charging..except when going off-site..or far away from power
correction, above power supply does not suit my powerplant..
i need a massive 29A, 12VDC transfomer..and below is the right one..finally
it comes with cooling fan, very handy, i can play as long as i want..
And...the next build is coming shortly after......wait...the 1st meeting with team member had taken place last sunday, project has been reviewed and endorsed...GREEN light permission is given!