PC650 Excavator

Here's the progress:
Full view model:
CAD model

Ratio-ed to be 1:10 scale monster excavator..type error previously mentioned 1:12...
Started with scratch, begins with rollers, socket and front wheel
Base unit, 3mm plate galvanized Aluminum, pair with some SST plates
The when rollers in place..

Front and socket wheels attached, turntable gears
And track started to form the full track system
when both track is ready to rock! Pls note of our customized hydraullic tank/resevoir
undercarriage, with high tork motor (yet to put gear covers, so no dirt will stuck onto the gear)
Track chain is huge...this is the smallest we can find...flat type..
Next is boom arm, using CAD drawing

boom arm after construction, to be sent for powder coating..
Cylinder is just a deco, it were pneumatic ones...real workhorse will be customized hyrdaullic
system, with some branded cyclinders from Japan..
End to end stretch measure a little over than 1 meter!! I hope it's sufficient, i need to worry about the
hydraullic powerplant afterthis, this is not some small metal pieces to lift..entire weight
is estimated around 40 kilos..working pressure to be somewhere in 20bar-35bar.
when the boom arm meets the main cabin...
After numerous attemp to find the best hyd powerplant for my excavator, finally we choosed the latest ones that we received this week. The one that WEDICO sells seems too small and insufficient pressure and reliability. This one seems very solid, a ready made item on shelf, commonly used in industrial equipment...high power and of course, dangerous too. With all safety precautions in place, we did a quick test today, it was amazing, combination with SMC cylinders at very low 10bar, is enough to lift our entire boom arm ! More test will take place this week to ensure no issue, will post some video later.
Above is pic from WEDICO website aka GardenTrucking.. bought this one as 1st trial..
Pls note the industial pump that i'm using, this is big is size, i gotta use big pumps and hyd pressure here..
 Stretch end to end at pivot point measure to be at 1.3meter ++.....ermmmmm...!!
 Picture from top view, pls note the nilon pipings, will be tight up nicely when complete...
Sideview picture...
Lifting test....a bucket of water, total weight is 7.8kg....no sweat..!!! see video below for actual footage..
 Two LRP - model TRUCK PULLER (German made) ECS.. so powerful...the battery and circuit board is just temporary install to test the undercarriage..later when ready, will placed nicely in the driver cab..

 Weight of undercarriage alone is about 16.8kg...battery and ECS will be at main cabin, just for a purpose of test only, refer below for video of undercarriage test...45degree angle slop or sandy hill and extreme condition surface....afterall this is not a racing folks..excavator does it job when stationed idle...and digging..!
Test #1
Test #2
Test #3
 Mod radio TX under construction, combining 2 of 2.4GHz std TX and RX
turntable gears...order from NTN (Japan made)...so smooth and ....and...and...georgeous..
Cylinders are SMC (japan made) hyd version, currently tested using mock up cylinder, rated for 8-15bar only, yet to install the  mascular 35bar cylinders, speed and power is exceeding my expectation already, how much more i can ask for... :-P
 Brushless Motor...EMAX 5335/10...nice...
Some cosmetic touch up...hydraulic line strengthener..to avoid excessive bending and tearing..
Started doing some final touch on the hydraulic system, bracket for servo unit will come later this week
I hope, will be a std metal geared servo, trying 7 and 14kg max stroke capacity...
more than enough to operate the valves.. the spring assembly at bottom picture will be removed
as the servo will be self-centered to neutralized the valve control..putting the system into idle..
The CNY is longer than i thought...many places still close and not much of progress for last 2 weeks..here are some final re-arrangement of main cabin and final touch..(cabin cover will be ready soon..)
The 4mm X 6mm nilon hoses are now taking shape on the top of main boom, with one piece bracket
holding them togather..
 Main hyd cylinder are now been installed with the right ones (CHMC 20-125)..plus the nilon bracket
holder at the bottom base plate to hold all 4 lines for the main boom arm
Main control valve is now at final location, compact and neat arrangement, pls note the Al bracket to hold
all the servos to control the spool valve for the arm..take note the main battery and hyd oil reservoir are
line up at back of the main cabin
 Control arm attached to spool arm of the hyd control valve...metal servo, 15kg
Nothing special here, just a pic of bucket, can hold nearly 1litre volume..still need to re-enforce with bracket 
plates to improve strength at top attachment to the boom arm clips..
These are the drawing, pls note, we had to use driver cab for 
the electronic circuits/ESC/battery, for easy access..
more details DECAL will come..

Side view...
 KOMATSU sticker.....Decal model only, self customed, not for trading here

Here's the real one...

Delay a bit due to some parts still not ready.. We are using HV-300 Digital high Voltage, Titanuim Gears TURNIGY servos for maximum capabilities, 38kg ++ max tork. See below

 It's a direct linkage between servo horn to the pulley bracket, see below for detail  spec
All major components (hyd pump, oil tank, batteries, hyd valves) already in final place, all looking great now. Yet to arrive is the main cabin...(last to come)
And now, moment of truth...all system in place, time for full hyd test...see video below, So satisfying as all functions are running per expectation, the hyd movement should be smoother as we exercising this unit more often, as the o-rings and seals are yet to be fully intact/seasoned. Main cabin cover is now under final touch up on powder coating while second excavator unit is going to be ready fast..
Pls note, the digging park is just a small corner on a flat-bed lorry,
our true digging area is yet to be ready..soon..need more sand here.!!
 Fuhh!!...too hot outside today...
 Our customized Radio....i'd combined 2 6Ch 2.4GHz radio...it's 12Ch total!!..with few other spare functions and switches that i can add on....thumb knob wheel drive on top left is actually controlling the engine throttle (aka motor for the hyd pump) which i can start/stop or increase/decrease independently..
running at 15 to 25bar steady now.
And now, the final piece of this custom build excavator...the main cabin

 CAD image...
 and the real ones...


Side view, CAD image
 ..and the actual...

...front view, CAD image...
 and the actual one...
pls note, we had to use driver cab for the electronic circuits/ESC/2nd battery, as we are running out of space here, this 2nd battery will supply 12VDC to undercarriage motors, as well as servos,
it's smaller in size due tolow in consumption, i hope. The 1st or main battery at back cabin will 
just supply 12VDC to hyd pump, and it's the bigger in size for longer run time.
more details DECAL for main cabin will come soon..as to copy exact the real ones...
 Here we go the details....step ladder to climb onto the top cabin
 Left view with the holding rail in place
 Bird's eye view complete with exhaust pipe and counter balance weight lift hook..
total cabin length is more or less 24inches....2 feets
 and the real ones....!
 Here is the whole excavator with its new skin...! the main cabin just back from powder coating..
yet to put on the decals...hope everything is good..
 left view image...pls note there is service platform on the left side
as where the foreman stand while servicing the real excavator..
 second unit is coming fast....the track shoes are black in color
as to match the real ones..

Practice makes perfect..

Still in progress to master the every moves of this beast, trying hard to improve the stick movement...not a real pro here, lol..

 While the second Excavator skin is ready above (behind), pending arrivals of the electronics.
 More pictures from training exercise..
 Loading the Volvo Articulate Dump Truck..(behind)
The dump truck...yet to be fully functioning, left out the hyd system for the bucket lift.
Everything else mostly ready now....and below is the new looks after putting all the DECALs..
 Rear view...big name... KOMATSU..!!
 Left view...
Right View
 Side view from right..
 Side view from left...
Image without camera flash...looks better in color scheme like this..i think..
And, that's it....construction finally over, now time to serve the master...
Digging holes at my backyard...lol..
Sorry geng...quiet does not mean nothing is progressing here, I'm still trying to master the skill to run this monster...since I'm not a real excavator driver like my fren Mr Kabuto...so practice should makes perfect...or at least near perfect....yet to have video taken, too shy to show off...here is some pic..

 weight about 40kg..(or more), it is heavy and big!...gotta use trolley to move her around my house
 my lovely daughter and her...... :-)
Blame the Olympic.....dont quite have time to capture a video, here some shoot..
my cheap transmitter radio have no function to fine-tune the fancy functions
modify servo curves and mixtures...yet to upgrade..wanna enjoy first hand 
playing the small version of EXCAVATOR..

It was heavy rain at night, and the big hole that i dug the other day
is now full of storm water....now..time to play MUD!!
see  video below:

 Below is my fren's EXCAV, the real one of course,
working on house foundation/structures
 Inside view of his ZAXIS-120
My EXCAV is sick...broken gears for the undercarriage track..
it stuck in the mud for many days...too deep inside..
and was not able to push herself out...
damage the gears (expected already, because of actual design
suppose to use bigger gears), yet to complete, pending completion
of new DUMP TRUCK first..
messy job....
 New gear (this is temporary), is hardened Titanium angled gears
super hardened and anti-backclash mechanism..see the one on right
 original straight bevel gears known to be not good,
 and now we found the solution to it..
 Changing to bigger and better hypoid/spiral bevel gears...
 upgraded undercarriage jumbo gearing, look alike a grinder head..lol.., no problem to smash anything on its path..still using same high tork geared motor, super power
climbing 30degree angle with no issues, see below:
 electronic bay and batteries compartment.
main battery and hyd oil reservoir tank
loading VOLVO ARTICULATE Dump Truck
My sick-baby...track system waiting to be upgraded..
also upgrading the radio system, changing to 9Ch TURNIGY TX/RX system...
smaller, more hi-tech and complex.. fuh..too many switches now..
 Zoom in to TURNIGY RX..using glider mode, coz EXCAV mode is not available at this moment..sigh!
 all the stick functions work exactly as per real EXCAVATOR, so if you know how to drive one, this one just a piece of cake.. the track function is mod to use the 5th and 6th Ch... extra Ch for Hyd pump/motor, and left 2 more Ch for extra things in future..

Below is some other video..
KOMATSU EXCAV vs precious load....

Below are more recent pictures, this was during outdoor event..
digging sand at some waterfall/river side..