Friday, 22 February 2013

Custom-making Scania 8 X 8 Tipper

This is our first attempt to convert std TAMIYA truck to 8x8 tipper...
refer our project pictures and progress:


And below is the real work in progress....started with re-designing our new casis,
super strong SST metal tubes...with improved leaf springs and suspensions..
should work great with heavier load than ever...
 axle before mod

 bottom view, with new suspensions
 rear axles..
 mod front steering axles..
 super strong-rigid frame casis
full hyd system to lift up the bucket....
 fully tested...powerful..
 Cab for Tipper# and #2 are ready, 2k metallic paint..
 Just received from machine shop...rigid SST
 right before powder coating.....
and, the casis just came back from paint shop, got powder
coated with BLUE-RED and WHITE-BLACK combo...
first tippper is in progress...
hyd joints is on the way, delay a bit.... 

will show you the bucket first....

Hydraullic system is now been completed, tested at 10bar, with no prob at all,
able to lift 10kg with no sweat..!
 Below with SST mudguards, customade as well.
 it's almost ready here, some final touch up on lighting, etc..etc..good to go!
Second unit in progress, all parts are ready, yeehaa..!


  1. harganye ikut SPECs, yang full hyd and 8X8 is around RM7.5k++