Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Practise...and more practise...

Sorry geng...quiet does not mean nothing is progressing here, I'm still trying to master the skill to run this monster...since I'm not a real excavator driver like my fren Mr practice should makes perfect...or at least near perfect....yet to have video taken, too shy to show is some pic..
 weight about 40kg..(or more), it is heavy and big!...gotta use trolley to move her around my house
 my lovely daughter and her...... :-)
some extra modification, still sourcing for correct transformer for max run time with the monster, no need to re-charging..except when going off-site..or far away from power
correction, above power supply does not suit my powerplant..
i need a massive 29A, 12VDC transfomer..and below is the right one..finally
it comes with cooling fan, very handy, i can play as long as i want..
And...the next build is coming shortly after......wait...the 1st meeting with team member had taken place last sunday, project has been reviewed and endorsed...GREEN light permission is given!

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