Sunday, 1 April 2012

First ever full HYDRAULIC test!!

And now, moment of truth...all system in place, time for full hyd test...see video below. So satisfying as all functions are running per expectation, the hyd movement should be smoother as we exercising this unit more often, as the o-rings and seals are yet to be fully intact/seasoned. Main cabin cover is now under final touch up on powder coating while second excavator unit is going to be ready fast..
Pls note, the digging park is just a small end corner of a flatbed lorry, not much space here...still it runs ok..
our true digging/garden/RC sit/area is yet to be ready..soon..need more sand here.!!
 Looks shakky a bit due to poor terrain condition/stiff slop and cabin counter-balance weight is 
yet to install at the back of the main cabin...should be dead stable...this 50kg monster.!

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